JANET ELIZABETH MARLES PhD Contact + Highlights + Summary


Manager Operations and Research Strategy:
Office of Research and Innovation,
Charles Darwin University, Australia.

Editorial Board Member: eTropic Journal

Board Member: NT Writers' Centre INC


EMAIL: marles.janet AT

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Interactive Project: Stories Through Memories Kisah-Kisah dalam Kenangan - Stories through Memories:
an oral history project sharing stories through the memories of survivors who witnessed the tumultuous events of WWII in Northern Sarawak and Brunei Darussalam (Dec 1941 - June 1945). Visit Website.


Dhont, F., Marles, J.E., Jukim, M. (2019) Memories of World War II: Oral Histories from Brunei Darussalam (December 1941 - June 1945) in "World War II Re-explored: Some New Millennium Studies in the History of Global Conflict", eds. Suchoples, J., James, S., Tornquist-Plewa, B. pp.149-166. Peter Lang Publishing, Berlin. ISBN: 978-3-631-77740-4 DOI: 10-3726/b15269


Marles, J.E. and Jukim, M., eds. (2018) "Kisah-Kisah Dalam Kenangan: Stories through Memories" First Edition.

Designer: Ifrah Mahmood.

ISBN: 978 - 0 - 46 - 469906-4 (hbk.)

Cover_Kisah-Kisah_Dalam_Kenangan Jukim, Maslin; Marles, Janet; Dhont, Frank (2017)
Kisah-Kisah Dalam Kenangan: Stories Through Memories
Syarkat Haji Jukim/Jukin Bin Haji Lamit & Anak-Anak, Universiti Brunei Darussalam.
ISBN: 978 - 99917 -969 - 0 - 1.

Marles, Janet E.; Jukim, Maslin; Dhont, Frank. (2016) 'Tropical War Stories: Preserving Oral Histories from World War II Borneo' eTropic Journal 15.2 Special Edition, International Day of the Tropics. pp. 82-94 Link.

Dhont, Frank; Marles, Janet E.; Jukim, Maslin. (2016) Memories of World War II: Oral History of Brunei Darussalam (Dec. 1941 - June 1945) Institute of Asian Studies, Working Paper No.25, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Link.


Marles, J.E. (2015) "Simulating Memory: a technique of memory and narrative in interactive digital media." in Continuum, Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, Special Issue on New Media and Memory, 06/2015, Volumne 29, Issue 4, 534-548, Taylor & Francis Online. DOI: 10.1080/10304312.2015.1051803 Read article.

Front cover image by Marles, J.E.

Marles, J.E. (2013) "Auto/biographical Ethics: The Case of 'The Shoebox'." in a/b: Auto/Biography Studies, Volumne 28:2 Winter, pp. 192-211. Read article.

Explore, Capture, Share

Marles, J.E. and Lim, L.Y.P., eds. (2014) "Explore, Capture, Share: 2013/2014 Advanced Photography Photobook".

ISBN: 978 - 99917 - 1 - 265 - 9
view larger image.

COVER_Through The Lens Photo Book

Marles, J.E. and Chin, S.Y., eds. (2013)
"Through The Lens: 2012/2013 Advanced Photography Photobook."
ISBN: 978 - 99917 - 1 - 2523 - 6 (pbk.), ISBN: 978 - 99917 - 1 - 254 - 3 (hbk.)
Read full book review
Imagine a class where you explore the magnificence and uniqueness of your own country, its colourful culture and its remote wilderness, through the lens of a camera. This was the experience for a group of advanced photography students at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam. The culmination of class field trips as well as many hours analysing, sorting and editing images is this A5, seventy-two page book. Printed with a black background throughout each student has three double-page spreads to showcase their photography. They are (in order as they appear in the book) Abu, Bash, Bailey, Irene, Habri, Mardhiah, Faiqah, Sally, Zuki, and Zach.
Front cover image by Marles, J.E., view larger image.


Marles, J.E. (2012)
"Database Narratives, Possibility Spaces: Shape-shifting and interactivity in digital documentary,”
in DigiMag Journal: Places and Spaces, Issue 73, Autumn,
Digicult - digital art, design and culture. pp. 77-92.
ISBN: 978 - 1 - 291 - 19610 - 8. Read issue.

Front cover image from my article, view larger image.

COVER_OralHistory and Photography

Marles, J.E. (2011)
Photographs from 'The Shoebox' in "Image and Memory: Oral History and Photography,"
eds. Freund, A. and Thomson, A., Studies in Oral History Series, Palgrave Macmillan, New York. pp. 203-222.
ISBN: 978 - 0 - 230 - 10460 - 0. Read chapter.
Read book review.

Front cover image from my chapter, view larger image.


pdf Print Media for 'Kisah-Kisah Dalam Kenangan - Stories Through Memories', 2015.

pdf Brunians share WWII stories, Brunei Times, 4 April 2014.

pdf Study on Life during WWII needed, Brunei Times, 4 April 2014.

pdf Advanced Photography Student Exhibition UBD, Borneo Bulletin, 7 Novenber 2013.

pdf UBD Students' Advanced Photography Exhibition, Brunei Times, 7 November 2013.

pdf UBD to host Creative Industries Festival, Borneo Bulletin, 12 July 2012.

pdf First Creative Industries Fest kicks off, Brunei Times, 12 July 2012.


>> Curator for all exhibitions, installations, demonstrations and screenings for the 2006 & 2003 Ideas Festivals;
>> Photographic Coordination for Australian Pavilion World EXPO'92 Seville Spain;
>> Queensland National Parks & Wildlife Service (QNPWS) exhibitions, displays, calendars, posters and publications;
>> Personal Photographic Exhibitions - for full list go to Creative Practice.

>> Ideas Festival 2006;
>> Ideas at the Powerhouse 2003.

>> Documentaries, training videos and music clips - for full list go to Creative Practice.

>> Freelance photographer covering Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Venezuela, USA, Europe, Asia, The Pacific & Australia;
>> Six years full-time photographer QNPWS;
>> 4 x Solo Exhibitions (Australia, UK);
>> 14 x Group Exhibitions (Australia, Brunei, Japan, China);
Selection 1989 Kodak Worldwide Photo Salon;
>> Nikon Wildlife Calendar 1991.


>> Experienced research manager, researcher and academic with over twenty years experience.

>> Experience supervising research higher degree (RHD) students in Professional Communications, Photomedia, Digital Humanities, Film and Documentary.

>> Experience in academic administration including as Course Convenor BA Creative Arts and Media; Leader, Creative Industries Research Cluster (CIRC) and Programme Leader, Professional Communication and New Media requiring coordinating research and teaching staff, developing new research grants, coordinating existing research commitments, evaluation of assessment returns, lecturer and tutor mentoring and supervision, timetabling, course design & maintenance, membership on university research boards and teaching committees.

>> Experience convening Bachelor Degree (BA) and Masters (MA) by coursework programmes in Digital Humanities for tertiary undergraduate and postgraduate students including the following courses: Creative Industries and Cultural Studies, Photography and Photojournalism, Advanced Photography, Digital Videography, Film Studies, Writing for the Web, CyberStudies, Community Web Production 1 & 2 and Creating Interactivity.

>> Experience in lecture preparation and delivery, workshop and tutorial preparation and delivery for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Faculties of Creative Arts and Humanities; and Computing and Information Technology.

>> Over twenty years experience lecturing and tutoring in digital humanities: photomedia, multimedia, digital media, video production, documentary production and advanced photography.

>> Over Twenty years experience in university administration including: student administration, timetabling, exams processing, credit applications, results processing, and participation on committees and boards.

>> Ability to teach numerous multimedia applications including: Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, DreamWeaver, Flash, LiveStage Pro, VR Worx, Final Cut Pro, Audition, HTML, XML & ActionScript coding.

>> Demonstrated ability and familiarity with both PC and Mac platforms.

>> Experience in the production of interactive web based media and video programs for education, promotions and entertainment sectors.

>> Experienced Project Manager for large events, public arts, multimedia installations and demonstrations.

>> Stills photographer with over forty years experience and training.

>> Exhibiting photographer, 4 solo shows (Australia, U.K.) & 14 groups shows (Japan, China, Brunei, Australia)

>> Experience in liaising and collaborating with professional organisations, suppliers, the media, government officials, academics, artists, scientists, administrative staff, students and the public.

>> Experienced in working unassisted or within a team.

>> Numerous administrative skills: coordination and organisational skills, time management, communication skills, client liaison, people management and teamwork skills.

>> Numerous research skills, clerical & administrative skills: the creation and implementation of marketing & promotional strategies, preparation of financial reports and budgets, and the development of business objectives and targets.

>> Self motivated and dedicated to professional standards.