Interactive Project: Stories Through Memories

2013 - 2020 Kisah-Kisah dalam Kenangan/Stories through Memories,an oral history project sharing stories through the memories of survivors who witnessed the tumultuous events of WWII in Northern Sarawak and Brunei Darussalam, Borneo (Dec 1941 - June 1945).
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Interactive Project: Stories Through Memories

Stories Through Memories: 70 Years of Friendship, a collaboration between the Australian High Commission to Brunei Darussalam, Australian Department of Veteran's Affairs, Universiti Brunei Darussalam and Bruneian Museums culminating in an exhibition commemorating the 70th anniversary of Australian troops liberating Borneo in World War Two.

Initial exhibition held at The Art Gallery, The Royal Wharf, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. 8- 30 June 2015 showcasing 26 first-hand accounts of Bruneians who lived through World War II, a 45min documentary film combined with historical images of Australian forces' leading role in the 1945 liberation of Borneo.  

Touring exhibition in November 2015 to the three regional areas of Brunei Darussalam 12-15 Temburong, 18-22 Tutong, 25-29 Seria. Visit Website.   Watch Video.

2011-20 Borneo: Three Sixty, a new interactive exhibition showcase for Borneo's unique natural and cultural heritage. It uses the latest technology and innovative strategies to incorporate immersive, interactive media in the design and exhibition space. Audiences can engage with the exhibition media in both interactive and passive ways. Through this approach the exhibition appeals to a broad audience, those comfortable with leaning back and watching media such as film and television and those wishing to interactively navigate through the database of media clips and resources.

Memoradic Narrative

2009-10 Memoradic Narrative, interactive architecture design and creation, incorporating : The Shoebox 2010, Compatible with Flash Player 9+ Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer.
With an innovative use of interactive digital documentary The Shoebox examines the fragility of memory and our responses to personal tragedy and how these impact the construction of our personal and family histories.
The Shoebox explores memory and narrative from a past of loss and absence using a unique interactive architecture that mimics the process of autobiographical memory recall, memoradic narrative.

Everything Changes

2008-09 Audio Drama-Documentary Everything Changes duration 8:00 minutes.
When a WWI veteran, who has been blinded in one eye on the battlefields of France, drives his car into a tram he is killed. He leaves behind a wife and three daughters. It is 1937.
Everything Changes recreates this tragic event as an audio drama-documentary produced for radio.

Shoebox Map

2008-09 The Shoebox interactive online map.
Key location from The Shoebox are pinpointed on a Google map. Sections of transcribed oral history interviews, historical archives, or re-enacted video scenes accompany each pin. These segments provide historical data, context and detail for The Shoebox interactive project.

The Shoebox

2006-09 Interactive online documentary design and creation prototype: The Shoebox.
After a 30 sec introductory video sequence, the user begins to navigate interactively with the interface. Moving between six panoramic scenes that represent a time period as well as a location, the user finds active hotspots within each scene. Once activated each hotspot plays a video clip which, when closed, drops into a timeline at the base of the screen. After three such non-linear user interactions the timeline becomes active and can be palyed as a linear movie, with a tradition beginning, middle and end. Linear movie duration 8:00 minutes.

2011-2013 Blogs: for teaching; Advanced Photography, Video Production, Audio Production, TV Studies, Film Studies.
2006-10 Blog: for research notes and comments.
2006-11 Blog: for travel and current interests


2004-05 Interactive digital documentary prototype Secrets of the Shoebox using 360-degree QTVR panoramas and LifeStage Pro to combine non-linear and linear narrative techniques.

2001-03 Web site editing and updates: School of Economics, Griffith University.

2001 Web site updates and editing: School of Science, Griffith University.

2001 Web site design and creation: FCM

2000 Web site design: School of Environmental & Applied Sciences, Griffith University.

1999 Web site design and creation: Mopoke & Co.

1998 Web site design and creation: Short Sharp Productions.


2011-2020 oral history interviews and footage for Kisah-Kisah dalam Kenangan: Stories through Memories.

2011-2015 Themed videos for 45min documentary Kisah-Kisah dalam Kenangan: Stories through Memories.

2011-2015 natural history footage for Brunei Darussalam Three Sixty.

2002-2009 video content for Memoradic Narative and The Shoebox.

2002 Casting Coordinator: Extras Fat Cow Motel 13 Episode Multi-Platform Television Drama, Hoodlum Entertainment.

1996-8 Researcher/Script preparation Mysterious World of Frogs 1 hour Natural History Documentary.

1997 Script preparation 11 years at Aurukun: A story by Bill Whiteman 8 min biographical documentary on the life of Bill Whiteman during his eleven years as the first private manager at Aurukun Aboriginal community in Far North Queensland.

1997 Script preparation On tour with Aim 4 More 7 min social documentary following a talented group of three young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island men as they tour their slick, high energy, song & dance performance to an Aboriginal community of Southern Queensland.

1997 Script preparation The Missing Frogs of Queensland 10 min natural history documentary on the dilemma facing biologists worldwide. Why are our frog populations disappearing or in decline?

1997 Director/Scriptwriter How To Deliver An Extraordinary Members Pack 13 min Training Video for Barter Card Corporation.

1997 Script preparation Keith's Wedding 30 min Docu-Drama investigating the role of ceremony in human societies.

1997 Script preparation Angie's Story 30 min Short Film.

1997 Second Assistant Director: OutShined 10 min Short Film, Producer/Director David Gunzburg.

1996 Coordinator, Art Department: Bricks and Mortality 5 min Short film (one continuous take), Producer Rebecca Murphy, Director David Gunzburg.

Only You And Me

I Wish

1996 Producer/Director: Only You And Me 4 min Music Clip
for AIM 4 More, Jamalga Indigenous Artists Management.

1996 Producer/Director: I Wish 3 min Music Clip
for Popproperly.

1996 Coordinator, Art Department: Bricks and Mortality 5 min Short film (one continuous take), Producer Rebecca Murphy, Director David Gunzburg.

1995 Producer/Director/Co-Script/Co-Editor: Practically Perfect 13 min Training Film for Griffith University.

1994 Editor: Vine to Wine 20 min Promotional Documentary for Mount Tamborine Winery.

1994 Director: Road to Oblivion 20 min Documentary on the proposed Eastern Toll Way for VETO.


2018 Group Exhibition of research work-in-progress, Kisah-Kisah dalam Kenangan/Stories through Memories, Pinnacles Gallery, Townsville Australia. 3-25 November 2018. View Exhibition Catalogue.

2015 Group Exhibition Stories Through Memories: 70 Years of Friendship a collaboration between the Australian High Commission to Brunei Darussalam, Australian Department of Veteran's Affairs, Universiti Brunei Darussalam and Bruneian Museums, at The Art Gallery, The Royal Wharf, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. 8-30 June 2015. View Exhibition Poster.

2014 Group Exhibition of research work-in-progress, Kisah-Kisah dalam Kenangan/Stories through Memories, Inspiring Hall, Student Centre, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. 3-8 April 2014. View Exhibition Poster.

2012 Group Exhibition UBD Inspiration Hall, Brunei Darussalm.

2012 Group Exhibition UBD Creative Industries Research Cluster, Gadong, Brunei.

1993 Solo Exhibition Private Spaces Artists' Gallery Brixton, London.

1993 Solo Exhibition Some Australians Artists' Gallery Brixton, London.

1992 Group Exhibition Look at us Blue Door Gallery Stockwell, London.

1990 Group Exhibition Focus on Aging Taylor Square, Sydney.

1989 Group Exhibition Sichuan and World Friendly Cities Photographic Exhibition Chengdu, China.

1989 Group Exhibition World Photographic Exhibition World Design Expo, Nagoya Japan.

BOYS Exhibition Poster

1989 Solo Exhibition Boys Bad Gallery, Brisbane.

1988 Awarded, Second McGregor Art Prize.

1988 Group Exhibition Celebrations as part of a six woman commission for the Bicentenary entitled "Collaborations" Imagery Gallery, Brisbane.

1988 Group Exhibition Tree Images Albury, New South Wales.

1986 Solo Exhibition PNG Pix Anglican Church Grammar School, Brisbane.

PNG Exhibition Poster

1985 Two Person Exhibition Grass Roots for the PNG Consulate in conjunction with the Tenth Anniversary of Independence Celebrations, School of Arts, Anne Street, Brisbane.

BILAS Exhibition Poster

1984 Two Person Exhibition Bilas Nunkeri Photographic Gallery, Brisbane.

1979 Group Exhibition, Final Year Show, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane.


2018 Book cover photograph, Marles, J.E. and Jukim, M., eds."Kisah-Kisah Dalam Kenangan: Stories through Memories" First Edition. Designer: Ifrah Mahmood. ISBN: 978 - 0 - 46 - 469906-4 (hbk.)

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2012 UBD Intellectual Property patent submission exhibition.

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2005-06 Portrait photography Griffith University, Brisbane.

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2002 Photographer Business Faculty, Griffith University, Nathan

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